The Colibri is a beautiful bird from South America. The fluttering of their wings is what makes them different from the rest. They can fly in any direction and they cannot be caught. That’s why we want to be like colibri. Argentinians are daring you to fly so we can get you.

Colibri boutique is lead by Alejandra Sandobal and Guillermo Arena, with more than 20 years experience signing and leading brands in the entire country. They are travelers looking for the next trends, inspiring trend-setters and designers with passion. This new project is made by a group of Argentinian designers, and I am bringing the our collection to the US so we can be closer to you, and you can dress with your heart and soul and feel different.

Our exclusive designs dare you to try them on, look beautiful in our fabrics and jeans, and feel the freedom of the Colibri.

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